The Wyoming-Erie Regional Emergency Medical Services Council (WEREMSCO) is one of eighteen (18) New York State regional councils operating under the authority of New York State Public Health Law, Article 30, Section 3003.

Public Health Law requires at least 1/3 of council membership to include representation from ambulance services in Wyoming and Erie Counties.  The remaining membership can include, but is not limited to, local emergency medical care committees, physicians, nurses, hospitals, health planning agencies, fire department emergency and rescue squads, public health officers and the general public. Regional councils must have at least fifteen (15) members, but not more than thirty (30).

WEREMSCO members are residents of Erie or Wyoming County.

Chair: Carol Staffehl
Chair-Elect: Bryan Brauner
Secretary: Chris Zemrac
Treasurer: Madonna Barber


The WEREMSCO has an important role in the oversight of emergency medical service programs in Erie and Wyoming Counties.  A few examples of on-going functions for which the WEREMSCO is responsible include:

  • the establishment of emergency medical technician courses; making determinations of public need for the establishment of additional emergency medical services and ambulance services; and
  • recommending to the department approval of training course sponsors within its region; and
  • developing, promulgating and implementing annually an EMS training plan which addresses the needs of the WEREMSCO region; and
  • approving regional medical advisory committee (REMAC) nominees; and
  • identifying a program agency to support the functions of the WEREMSCO and REMAC

WEREMSCO meetings are open to the public.  Visit our Meeting Dates page to view a list of upcoming meetings.

Download a copy of the WEREMSCO bylaws here.

Download a copy of the WEREMSCO Schedule of Fees.

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